Paletized transport
Rapid, safe and efficient transport with any type of pallet.

We transport any type of approved pallet

Palletized transport is the main option of our customers. It is an agile, comfortable and fast option.

Palletized transport, representing 90% of world transport offers unique comfort, agility and savings.
Service features

Complete, tailored, trustworthy

Any type of pallet
We can transport any type of pallet: wood, plastic, cardboard, metal, etc.
Standardized pallets
We operate with pallets with standard measures: Europallets, Universal or American.
More agile
Palletized transport offers unique comfort and agility. It also requires less personnel to load and unload the truck
More economical
With palletized transport, space is much more optimized inside the truck, which translates into savings
Safe, punctual, trustworthy.

Discover how we work

Always controlled trucks
Controlled trucks through GPS at all times. Your load will always be under our attentive surveillance.
Qualified professionals
Our drivers and those of our partners have an average of 10 years of experience driving
Variety of loads
Complete or fractional loads, palletized or dangerous goods.
Fully customized service
We adapt to your needs, the characteristics of your loading and your timings.

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