Fractional transport
The best option for low volume transport

Transport adjusted to your budget

Fractional transport (grouping) consists of "renting" a part of the truck to carry out transport small goods.

It is a flexible and economical option for small budgets.
Service features

Safe, sustainable, flexible, comfortable

Flexibility and exclusivity
The best option for small budgets, since the price is lower than a complete load.
Environmentally more sustainable
Occupy only the necessary space and share a truck reduces the number of vehicles in circulation.
Recommended for transport that...
Require up to half of the capacity of a truck (12 TM for goods or 40m3 for bulky goods)
No restrictions of any kind
Fractional transport for pallets, packages, machines and other easily stackable goods.
Safe, punctual, trustworthy.

Discover how we work

Always controlled trucks
Controlled trucks through GPS at all times. Your load will always be under our attentive surveillance.
Qualified professionals
Our drivers and those of our partners have an average of 10 years of experience driving
Variety of loads
Complete or fractional loads, palletized or dangerous goods.
Fully customized service
We adapt to your needs, the characteristics of your loading and your timings.

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